BX-MFB04 is a multifunction 4-channel actuator, programmable with ETS to perform different tasks like switching loads, open and close shutters and blinds, drive valves operating in PWM and control 2-pipe fancoil.
Each outputs uses bistable relays with 16A maximal load.
Block terminals are very wide to insert wires with a section up to 5 mm2.
 The relays can be operated manually via a push button mounted on the front of the device, a green LED indicates the switching status of each channel.
 The power supply is provided from KNX bus through new tranceiver TPUART2 that provides better switching speed performance .
The protection class of the package is IP20 and it is designed for installation on DIN 35mm.

ETS Data
– Using the actuator to switch loads, all four outputs are parametrized individually
– Programmable contacts normally open or normally closed
– Manual operation with push buttons, LEDs indication and status transmission on the KNX bus
– Timer function for stairs light
– Scenarios
– Logic functions on single outputs
– Relays status recovery after blackout and programmable startup conditions of the contacts
– The actuator works with pairs of interlocked relays to control shutters and blinds
– The number of interlocked pairs can be set by ETS parameters configuration
– Setting available in seconds on travel time and travel extra time, and stop time between two movements in milliseconds
– The actuator works with all 4 outputs to control fancoil
– The first three channels are interlocked and are used to drive the speed of the fans, the 4th channel drives the delivery valve.


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Number of channels: 4
Ohmic load: 16A
Power supply: via KNX bus
Max voltage: 270VAC
Max inrush current: 170A per 2ms
Endurance: 1×10^6 ops
Operating temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Protection class: IP20
Size (WxHxD): 91x72x62 mm